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“And forget not

Thursday, August 23, 2012

From Racing to Blue

As has been true of a lot of things that have happened since Ronnie passed on, I feel a tremendous relief  in letting go of the responsibility of the Blue Bird.  I've come to the realization that everything we own has a certain responsibility attached to it -- even if it is as simple as dusting it.

I've been practicing the skill of learning to appreciate the beauty of things where I see them and resist the urge to bring them home -- whether it's beautiful art work or fabulous plants I see in someone else's landscape or another pet.  It all has responsibility attached to it and I don't want to bog myself down in taking care of anything more than I'm already tending to.

Blue was a huge responsibility because it represented a large part of Ronnie's legacy which would have diminished if something unexpected had happened to the hotrod  -- such as a dented fender, or a refusal to start up.

I'd already had to have it towed off the side of the road because of a momentary lapse in concentration while driving it to Decatur, all of which cost me a sizable chunk of money -- money wasted.

Even when it was sitting in the garage, there was all manner of impending damage around it -- mop handles, yard tools that don't stand up very steady -- Seth Ryan Pruett -- who was mesmerized by Paw Paw's hotrod.

I was surprised when Bruce called with the offer to buy it.   He's had some neat toys, but he's never owned anything quite like this car.  After all, Blue has history.  He was out and about on the roads of America before Ronnie or Bruce were born.  Many of these old cars met their end on stock car racing tracks.  Many were left to rust in salvage yards after they were wrecked or fell into mechanical disrepair.  But Blue has survived and for the past twenty years or so has been as pampered as any 75 year old should be. He is a part of history that needs to be preserved as well as enjoyed.

There are many very cool aspects of owning and driving a streetrod.  Nothing beats that feeling you get when strangers stick their hand out the window of their car and give you a thumbs up as they pass by, or seeing someones mouth drop open and them point as you drive your streetrod past them.

Hardly anyone doesn't notice a brightly colored old car -- from seniors to youngsters and every age in between.  It's like everyone recognizes that they are seeing something special.

I had my doubts that Bruce would cherish Blue and take good care of it.  Bruce is, and always has been a speed freak  He bought  Blue with the money he received from selling a race car and racing paraphernalia.

My concerns, however, lessened somewhat when I recieved this picture from Bruce.  His son, Bruce Junior, a.k.a Little Bruce, (who isn't little) had had a picture of Blue tattooed on his forearm right after Ronnie passed away.  After his dad bought Blue from me, last weekend, Little Bruce had the memorial inscription added.  And I've been told that when Big Bruce passes on, Blue goes to Little Bruce.

That makes me feel good.

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