"…By what stretch of arrogance do you think a life form that looks like you is more important than a life form that doesn’t?”Joel Salatin

Nothing is more beneficial to your wellbeing than to look for and acknowledge those parts of everyday life that you enjoy.

"If you are happy where you are now, why does it matter how painful it was to get there?" -- Abraham

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -- Bilbo Baggins a.k.a. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet, and the winds long to play in your hair." -- Kahill Gibran

“And forget not

Monday, February 18, 2013

Everything Works Out for Me.

"Loving Touch" my favorite from
Kemp Center's "Mystery Art" Auction
For a long time, I've been hearing Abraham suggest this mantra, "Everything is working out for me."  I haven't used it much, especially since Ronnie was diagnosed and passed on, because that statement did not feel true at all.  With the depression, the uncertainty of finding my way through life by myself, working through the grief of losing my life long partner, plus all the turmoil last year at this time, due to the destruction of my house, I felt more like NOTHING works out for me.

But TIME is the great healer.

I finally have a kitchen/dining room floor that works.  I let go of the black and white checks after struggling with keeping it clean for at least twenty five years, and bought a pewter colored vinyl that will be easier to live with -- with two dogs and a three year old.

Listening to Abraham recently, I realized that everything does work out for me -- sometimes it just takes a while.

Birds in the Garden
by Cindy Kahler-Thomas
They, Abraham,  say it only takes as long as it takes us  humans to get out of the way -- of ourselves.  It reminded me of a skit I saw on Saturday Night Live many years ago where this foreign man was trying to learn English.  He'd heard someone say "I'm beside myself, "(with worry) and when he got stressed out in the skit, in a frantic voice, he screamed, "I'm standing here beside myself!"

Abraham explains our stint here on Earth this way, "You are so much more than you realize from your physical perspective.  You are conscious energy and only a small part of that has come here to focus in this physical reality.  The much larger part of all that you are remains non-physical."

So, technically speaking, we can "stand beside ourself."  We can -- and do get in the way of our own progress.  In fact, we do it all the time because we don't understand what our emotions are, and we haven't practiced dealing with them in effective ways.

There are only two emotions.  We call them different things, but one feels good and one feels bad.  On the good side there is love, joy, appreciation, laughter, and on the bad side there is anger, hatred, and resentment, among a wide variety of other negative labels.

The way I understand it, this larger non-physical part of who we are, guides us, letting us know by the way we feel, if what we are thinking right now is moving us in the direction of all that we want -- or away from it.

On a daily basis, it's easy to be influenced by negative folks, not quite positive events and incidents, questionable situations. We can end up moving in the wrong direction, away from the prosperity, the loving relationships, the good health that we all want, so I signed up for "Relax! Wichita Falls!" with Ashley Josephine at Breathe Yoga (downtown Wichita Falls, across from Backdoor Theater).

Did you know that 85% of Americans don't know how to relax?

When I take the time to really relax, I feel better about everything.  I find it easier to go with the flow at work.  I'm better at letting people be who they are instead who I think they should be. I'm better at ignoring Chester's screaming as he responds to the "Music for Birds" that is playing on the iPad. I feel more generous about myself and toward others. I'm kinder to me.  I'm better at accepting me the way I am, at seeing myself with a less critical eye.

Beautiful sky
Colors are more vivid, music is clearer and more beautiful.

I don't look into the future and see monsters.

In fact, I don't look into the future much at all because I'm enjoying right now.

If you want to learn how to relax, Ashley says she will offer this course again when this one is over.

Check it out at www.breatheyogawichitafalls.com