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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From Ugly to Sweet

It isn't very often that we get to watch the creative process from beginning to end as it unfolds for someone else.  We see it in our own projects,  but with creative endeavors of others, we may see the before and after, but we miss the middle.  We miss the details.

That is not the case with the "duct tape chair".

Several weeks ago, our friend Brandon Sparks was visiting and mentioned that he had covered a wallet in duct tape for his sister, Chelsea.  Deidre and I imagined a wallet covered in ugly silver duct tape, but Brandon said, "No!  It's the latest fad.  People are making all kinds of things out of it and it comes in bright colors and prints."

So we googled "duct tape" and saw evening gowns, evening wear for guys, purses and wallets and -- a chair.  We watched a young girl completely cover a chair in bright mis-matched strips of duct tape.  It was cool -- rather busy but a conversation piece for sure.

Deidre said, "I could cover that recliner out in the shop."
I said, "Go for it!"

The chair is one of two rocker recliners that I had bought from Ashley Furniture two years before Ronnie got sick.  After he was diagnosed, we noticed the "bonded leather" was beginning to peel.  To make a long story short, it got worse and after Ronnie passed away, I had them both moved out into his shop.  Eventually, my sort of son in law, Andy, hauled the worst one to the dump and we kept the better one.

from ugly ---


              It looked like this.

"So, what color would we put on it?" I asked.

"Red, white and blue for the Texas Rangers?"

"Wow!  That sounds great!"

We had already decided to eventually have a Texas Rangers theme in our evolving Lady Cave. Red, white and blue seemed perfect.

So we bought rolls and rolls of red, white and blue duct tape and the work began.

Deidre called me in to look at a picture of the Texas Rangers Logo on the computer.  "I think I can
do this for the back of the chair."

Official logo of the Texas Rangers

Notice the lacing on the baseball, all the little
points on the letters, and the blue as well as the white shadows on the big T.                                          

I had no idea HOW she would be able to accomplish this complicated logo, but she never ceases to amaze me, so I said, "Have at it. We don't have anything to lose.  It's a duct tape chair."

In anticipation of this project eventually being a"WOW!!", and writing a blog post about it,  I took pictures during the process.

On the official Texas Rangers' website, she found drawings of the logo available to be printed out for coloring books, so she performed "computer magic" (as far as I'm concerned, that's what it is), and printed it in quarters in order to get it large enough to look good on the back cushion of the chair.

What looks like ragged edges here is the lacing

All summer while she worked on the chair, we noticed the effects that the heat had on the duct tape when it was out on the patio so she brought it inside.  I slowly began to wonder where I would put it when it was finished, since the Lady Cave no longer seemed like a good idea.

--- to sweet --- side by side images

She finished it this past weekend, and we are both so pleased with it, we decided to keep it in the living room.  We had some rearranging to do.  She moved the 50 in. tv to the largest wall and relocated the cable outlet while I rearranged the pictures (art work).

We gave the chair the area in front of my big new windows, set a small table next to it and a pole lamp with a red shade.   It looks like it belongs!

We took pictures of it and posted them on the official Texas Rangers Twitter site, hoping our favorite Rangers baseball analysts, Buzz and Tom, with Fox Sports Southwest, will show the chair during a game.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks, Deidre! I love it! And I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do with the floor in the Lady Cave!

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