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“And forget not

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Seth

Seth taking pictures of the dry lagoon at Lake Wichita Park

Ronnie and I used to walk the gravel trail that runs along the storm drainage canal that flows into Lake Wichita.  Or it use to.

We called it Thacker's Trail, from the books by Esther Hicks, "Sara and Seth and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather".  Those stories were also Deidre's inspiration to name her baby, Seth.

Ronnie and I saw many interesting things on our Thacker's Trail. We gained much insight into ourselves and each other on our walks there.

I wanted to take Seth on Thacker's Trail but it's closed.  A big "DO NOT ENTER" sign is posted at the entrance. It's just as well.  The huge unsightly pipe that has something to do with our new "purified water" runs along the canal now.

We took Shelby with us.  She needs some inspiration too.

So we went to the end of the walk Ronnie and I used to take. There is a big open field close to the model airplane runway.  We parked there and walked across the field toward the Blue Moon Lagoon (I'm not sure that's the name of it.  Ronnie said there was a sign there for a while, but then it disappeared. We continued to call it that anyway.  It's a small shallow lake north west of Lake Wichita.)

I had charged Deidre's old iPhone so Seth and I could both have a camera. I think it will be fun to see what pictures a 4 1/2  year old boy takes, what he finds interesting.

His first picture was of Shelby. As you can see, he didn't look for the perfect photo op, but it is fairly well centered and the contrast of her color and her shadow is interesting.

If you are familiar with iPhone cameras, you know how difficult it is to see the screen in the sun.  I'd shown him in the house how what you are aiming the screen at is approximately what you'll take a picture of, so in the brightness of a beautiful cool fall day, we both did a lot of aiming and praying but he took some awesome pictures!

In 2010, right after Seth was born, Ronnie carved all our initials and Seth's name in two huge boulders the City had put at the opening between the lagoon and the open field to keep motorized vehicles out. I showed them to Seth.  He thought it was so cool that his name was on that rock! He took a picture.

Ronnie Bruno was here

After we saw the rock carvings, we went on through to the Blue Moon Lagoon.  When Seth got his first glance of it, he said, "That's beautiful!" and up went the camera.  I took the picture of him taking a picture at the top of this post.

dry Blue Moon Lagoon - photograph by Seth Pruett

Many years ago, my brother-in-law brought me some live horned toads from West Texas. After reading about keeping horned toads in captivity, I decided to release them at Lake Wichita Park in a non-mow area. We found some very active red ant beds and let the poor little guys go. I figured they had a much better chance of survival out there than they did in a terrarium.

red ant bed - photograph by Seth Pruett

Today we saw one of the thriving red ant beds.  

beautiful big red ant - captured
on iPhone camera by Seth Pruett

I've been experimenting with my ability to communicate with insects. When we first entered the path around the Blue Moon Lagoon, the ants were so numerous we could hardly get through without stepping on them. I apologized and told them we meant no harm. When we came back, they had cleared out and we walked through without having to tiptoe.

Seth caught this little guy all on his own.  I cropped the picture because there was so much back ground. 

                                                                                                                                                            Along the dirt path around the lagoon, there were willows blooming profusely.  I caught this one. Always on the look out for flowers.

beaver dam - photograph by Seth Pruett

The canal flows under a wooden and iron bridge. At that point the purified water tube crosses the canal and continues on over the dam. There were two barricades, one on each side of the path so I wonder if we might still walk Thacker's Trail another time.

One of the reasons I decided to take this excursion  was to check on the beavers.  Ronnie and I often came out close to dusk.  We stood on the bridge and watched the beavers move up and down the canal. We figured out there was a family of them.

With Lake Wichita nearly dry, I was concerned about the fate of the beavers.

Apparently they are still doing ok.  The canal has turned into a long lake.  There was only a small area of water (that use to be a steady stream into Lake Wichita), visible on the other side of the dam.

Occasionally the City tears out the dam but the beavers build it back.  Kind of like we have to do here in Wichita Falls -- rebuild, rebuild, rebuild.

As Seth and I walked along together pointing and looking, I talked about his PawPaw, how we  brought Seth out to Thacker's Trail when he was barely a toddler.  We'd put him in his stroller.  Ronnie gave him Foxie's retractable leash to hold, which Seth insisted on doing -- even at that young age.  If we started forward without handing him Foxie's leash, his little hand was reaching up to grab the cord. He'd hang onto the handle until he fell asleep.

I told him about how Ronnie brought a Dremel out to carve  the rocks. Seth has a clear sense of having known his PawPaw and I want to continue that.  Ronnie's dad died when Ronnie's youngest brother, John, was only four.  John has good memories of him and his dad thanks to the other family members sharing their memories of the two of them.  Ronnie often commented that it seemed John's memories of their dad were as real as Ronnie's.

I hope we can do that for Seth.

Taking pictures helps keep memories alive.  Seeing a snapshot of a forgotten moment activates the memory, adding details that we might completely lose without a photograph to remind us.

Dry Lagoon - photograph by Seth Pruett on October 28, 2014

P.S. He likes his pictures being on my blog!


  1. We like his pics on here too. Great post! Love Ya both.

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