"…By what stretch of arrogance do you think a life form that looks like you is more important than a life form that doesn’t?”Joel Salatin

Nothing is more beneficial to your wellbeing than to look for and acknowledge those parts of everyday life that you enjoy.

"If you are happy where you are now, why does it matter how painful it was to get there?" -- Abraham

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -- Bilbo Baggins a.k.a. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet, and the winds long to play in your hair." -- Kahill Gibran

“And forget not

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What Feels Good

it's catching a beautiful sunrise 

What feels good is unique to each one of us. We often think that what feels good to us must surely make everyone else feel good, too.  For example, I love being up early in the morning.  It feels good to me to be awake in my quiet house.  But do not try to sell this to Deidre.  Early mornings are for sleeping.

But they are also for seeing spectacular sun rises, and hearing the first birds singing in my neighborhood, and the music of doves taking flight. I love that sound.  It reminds me of Ronnie.

I enjoy making my cup of coffee and taking that first sip.  It's always the best.

I get some kind of thrill when I take the correct number of packets of Equal out of the container, not having to add to or subtract any.  

Deidre sees digital clock numbers lining up all the time like 11:11, 4:44, 5:55 which is supposed to be a sign that your energy is getting into alignment with what you want.

I had a total at Walmart recently of $92.92 and I've had several even totals like $100.00, $120.00.  I don't know if it means anything but it's fun and it feels good when it happens -- so maybe it is a sign.

I enjoy hearing Seth's quiet little sleepy voice as he visits with Deidre while she gets ready for work.

It's watching Seth figure out
 "head standing"
This morning, Deidre and I had a brief discussion about how good it feels to have a warm towel to wrap up in when you get out of the bath or shower. A clean fresh soft towel is always nice but one that's warm adds a moment of "special" to it.  It's comforting -- even when things are going as well as they are around here.

I enjoy getting things done. It feels good to get the floor vacuumed and for a few minutes to see my oak floors unadorned by dog hair.

And speaking of dogs, I enjoy a big warm nose pushing into my palm when my hand is relaxed.  Deidre's dog, Sox, has a big nose and she shares it with me especially in the mornings.  It feels  different than Shelbie's or Breck's. She does it with a clear sense of affection where the other two dogs are more forceful.  Shelbie has a demanding "bonk"that she uses to get my attention. It's way more powerful than a nudge, and Breck is in my face trying to lick me. He can't hold his "licker".  Sox is polite. I enjoy her good manners.

I started some out door projects a couple of years ago.  At first they were overwhelming because I had the notion that I needed to get it done "now". Then I remembered that I'm not bound to please anyone but myself anymore and I am free to work on the projects at my own pace -- which is leisurely.

That feels good in itself.  With this new belief, I can relax and enjoy the progress I make when I get around to working on the various projects again. The realization that I don't have to do it all now was a little bit difficult to get accustomed to, but now that I have, it makes everything more enjoyable.

I enjoy figuring out a peaceful path to a problem.  I adopted Breck from the local Humane Society.  I got him because Sox and Shelbie are too old and cranky to be Seth's dog. They not only won't play with him, but they don't like him. So I got Breck. I have no idea why I thought a boy dog was gonna be suitable and it wasn't long before we realized he isn't house broke. With these girl dogs here, that probably isn't going to happen.

First thought, put him outside.  Second thought, keep him caged. Third thought, take him back to the Humane Society. Final thought, you know he's here to stay, so figure out how to make this work.

It's finding picture that remind me
how pretty it will be around here 
when it starts raining again.
So I made him a "hotdog bun". I cut the legs off a pair of leggings, cut above the hem three quarters
around to make a neck opening.  I insert a maxi pad into and slip it around his middle, covering up his wiener. The loop goes over his head and rests around his shoulders to keep the "bun" from sliding back.  When he hikes his leg, he pees on the pad.

I change the pad every time I take it off when he goes outside.  He doesn't seem to mind wearing it and it allows him to be free in the house.  He's a sweet, funny, energetic happy little dog who is absolutely willing to run and play with Seth. I love to watch them together.  Breck loves socks -- the foot kind, so I tied one to Seth's back belt loop and he chased Seth for a half hour -- until Seth wore out.

I thoroughly enjoy walking into my bedroom and seeing that I made the bed earlier. I enjoy neat and tidy but I don't stress out over messy either.  Both are a temporary situation. When it's messy, one of us eventually cleans it up and when it's neat and tidy, one of us eventually messes it up.  It's life.

I enjoy walking into the dairy part of the grocery store in the fall and seeing that the Pumpkin Spice Coffeemate has arrived.  Even though I don't write long hand much anymore, I still enjoy the feeling of prosperity when I have a new stack of clean paper or spiral notebooks.

I love opening my seed bin and seeing it full and ready to be dispensed to my fine feathered and furry friends. I enjoy figuring out that chubby Shelbie will eat green beans so I can cut back on her dog food and she'll lose some weight without being so deprived.

I love finding new meditation videos on youtube that have bird songs in them.  Chester and the Tiels really seem to enjoy them and it keeps Chester from screaming.

I enjoy hearing that someone is reading or has read my books and that they enjoyed them.  I'm not a very demonstrative person, but make no mistake, when I say, "Thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed them,"  I'm whooping and hollering on the inside.

I try to make it out front or up onto the deck every evening to see the sunset. Texas has some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world and each one is different.

And I enjoy the winding down feeling of evening.  I love to sit on the patio and listen to the birds as they settle in for the night and the crickets as they start their night time serenade. When it's chilly,  I love having a fire in the chiminea and wrapping up in a nice soft blanket as I sit and listen to the night sounds.

I enjoy saying goodnight to Deidre and Seth. There is a peacefulness about evening and bedtime that is unequalled at any other time of the day.

Then I hoist chubby Shelbie up onto my bed and put Breck in his crate and say good night to them too.

Life is full of things to enjoy when we stop to pay attention to what makes us feel good.

it's seeing a beautiful August Super Moon

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