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Monday, November 17, 2014

Nature's Doorway

hyacinth bean

Ronnie put a hollow core door in the entrance between the garage and the yard.  He had it secured so it wouldn't open and all the trips between the work shop and the garage came through my kitchen.  After he passed, the door began to fall apart especially on the outside.  Plus we "unstuck" it so we could use it. That didn't help the poor old thing.

I knew when I started gluing Ronnie's car pictures to the inside of it that it wasn't long for the world of "doors", but I figured that when we replaced it, I could put the car collage in Bruno's Shop.

Deidre and I had discussed whether our dogs would use a "doggie door, but we didn't really know where to put one that they would have easy access to it.

the door
The men cleaning up the rent house across the street gave us a pet door for a sliding glass door. The opening was too small for Sox, though, and some of the weather stripping needed to be replaced, so we never even tried it out.

Recently, Deidre found an interior door that had a doggie door already in it. It was the size we needed for the garage opening, so she got it and put it up. It looks pretty rough.  I decided to paint the outside of it with oil based Kilz to weather proof it to some extent.

While I painted it, I realized how much I had enjoyed looking out my kitchen window and seeing the car collage.  Thoughts began to percolate.

Deidre is an artist in her own right, so I asked if she would do something interesting on the inside of the door, and she said yes.

I decided I'd do the outside. This door is inside the privacy fence so few will ever see it but me, Deidre and Seth, but we deserve to see something fun and interesting.  I want the door to reflect my love of  nature and my first thought was to paint it to look like an old wooden gateway.

Then I discovered that ModPodge has an "outdoor" product. A whole new world of possibilities opened for my side of the door.

I want to incorporate a quote by Gregg Braden that I love, "Drink in Nature's beauty. Feel it.  Be with it.  Know it."

I printed it out on parchment paper and tore the sentences out so that -- when the weather warms up, I can arrange them on the door as the "focal point".

I found a spray of artificial ivy in my stash. I pulled the plastic stems off the leaves to see if the green leaf shapes will lay flat -- and they will --almost.  Good enough for ModPodge

I want some flowers (I may have to paint those) on it, too and some butterflies -- Monarchs, Blue Swallowtails, Tiger Swallowtails, and the smaller Yellow Sulphers that flit around this time of year. I'll be looking for pictures of Mockingbirds, Cardinals and Doves, Sparrows and Purple Finches.

I plan to incorporate different mediums in order to represent different aspects of nature.  For example, I could use a picture of my box turtles and "hide" them with the artificial foilage. Same with the squirrels and birds.

Monarch butterflies -- always a favorite
Our first major cold snap is going to last a while, so I'm going to collect the things I'll need to get started on  my "Nature's Doorway".  Then it will be easy to get started when the weather warms up.

I asked Deidre if she had any ideas for her side and she said yes, so it'll be fun to watch what she comes  up with.


In the mean time, Chamo, our feral cat, comes and goes through the pet door.  She has a toasty little house in the garage which we set on a heating pad when it's this cold.  We had been leaving the garage door open a few inches for her to come and go but now we can shut it all the way down and that helps keep the washer from freezing.

I realized after all the artistic inspiration began for this door that if I had bought a brand new door, all we would have had there would be a plain door. If I had paid for it,  I wouldn't even consider putting Modpodge on it.

A friend picked up the one for the sliding glass door and was able to use it at his house!

The car collage is out in Bruno's Shop.  I'm still clearing stuff out of there and haven't decided exactly where to put it.  But it's out of the weather now so the memories will be preserved for a long time.

Car collage

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