"…By what stretch of arrogance do you think a life form that looks like you is more important than a life form that doesn’t?”Joel Salatin

Nothing is more beneficial to your wellbeing than to look for and acknowledge those parts of everyday life that you enjoy.

"If you are happy where you are now, why does it matter how painful it was to get there?" -- Abraham

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -- Bilbo Baggins a.k.a. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet, and the winds long to play in your hair." -- Kahill Gibran

“And forget not

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What Does Happy Feel Like Now?

As I begin this brand new day, my dominant intent is to be happy.  Nothing is more important, more essential or more beneficial to my well-being than that I look for that which pleases me, that I find fun, interesting, joyful things to think about and talk about.  So today, regardless of where I am, what I'm doing or who is with me, I will focus on the things around me that please me.  In other words, I'm gonna get happy – --  in every way I can -- for no other reason than it feels good to be happy."

I posted a version of this blog a couple of years ago.  I dug it out to read it. I've revised it because I needed to think about and update my appreciation for my happiness level. As my understanding about how things work expands and grows, my ability to "get happy"  -- regardless of what else is going on, also expands and grows.

Lauren,  Buzz and Randy

So what does happy feel like on a day to day, minute by minute basis?  I say more pleased than displeased, more satisfied than aggravated.  Happy might come when you feel the relief of letting go of or giving up a struggle that seems hopeless and has seemed so for quite a while.  You might feel it when you make the decision to stop worrying about anything and everything, when you finally say, "That's it.  That's all I can do," or  "This problem really doesn't belong to me, so why am I stressing out about it?"

Dawn and Howard

It comes as you  watch someone else acting silly and having fun.

And when you see old friends reunite. It's remembering the good times -- always.

Cowboy Seth

Happy is how I feel petting my dog, cat, or touching any of my critters. It's when I hug my child or grandchild.  It's seeing new growth on a favorite plant, seeing a good mood smile on the face of a loved one.  It comes when I have a real live cowboy on horseback in my kitchen. Happy comes in fleeting moments that we often don't notice or stop to appreciate.

For me, it's also when I see the daffodils and iris come up in my flowerbeds after a deep freeze of a winter.  It happens when a sweet fragrance comes to me from clean towels or sheets. I feel it as I watch the squirrels frolicking around my back yard.

I feel happy when I have a fresh package of paper, a page of postage stamps, or a new notebook to write in.  I feel it when I have a stretch of time that isn't already obligated to something else.  I feel it every time I sell a book, every time I pull up and stop in my driveway and see my house waiting for me to come inside.  I feel it every morning when I smell the fresh coffee brewing, when I watch the sun come up through my beautiful new windows and when I watch the sun set, painting the sky in pinks and lavenders.

Rainbows always bring a sense of pleasant awe. 

I feel happiness when I get animal pictures and videos on Facebook and through emails.  I feel it when I see the cute faces of teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

Happy feels like seeing my children, my grandchildren, old friends and new friends. It's seeing their name come up on my cell phone. It feels like realizing that a friend is going to be ok after a tragedy has struck her family.  It's finding those sturdy paper coffee cups that come with clamp on lids in a stack of six for a dollar.  It's cold wind blowing on my face when I'm having a hot flash.  It's having a hot flash when I'm cold.

We humans have a tendency to consider happiness as a long term situation, sometimes even a future goal and in doing that, we minimize the importance of or completely ignore these momentary bits of joy that can occur hundreds of times a day—if we're paying attention.

Life is now.  This moment right now is the only guaranteed time we have, so why spend it agonizing about current events over which you have little or no control?  Look for the things that please you.  You'll be surprised how many different things in life will make you smile.  You might be surprised at how much better you'll feel about a whole bunch of stuff when you "get happy -- in every way you can".

From my trip to Oregon! That trip made for some major long term happies!