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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Music! Music! Music! Part 2

Ronnie, Sr. and I were at the Flea Market on Holliday in Wichita Falls one day in 1980 and I heard fast loud drumbeats coming from a vendor selling portable stereo systems. The singer was Blonde, although I didn't know that at the time and she was singing "Call Me" from the movie, American Gigolo. I didn't know that either but I fell in love with the song. I fell in love with the drum beats preceding the music. The link is the extended version that came on the soundtrack of American Gigolo. All the music on this album was out standing. Thanks to Ian Stone for this upload

And it is timeless! My five year old grandson immediately started dancing when I played it today!

Love and Passion sung by Cheryl Barnes, was one of the songs that was so different from the other music, which were mostly instrumental spinoff's from Call Me, that it sort of interrupted the flow of the album, I thought, but after a while I loved it too. I'd completely forgotten about it until I started this post.  It was good to hear it again. Thanks to the axelator for uploading it.

The theme from the "Seduction" is my favorite romantic scene music ever.  It was the first time I had ever heard a synthesizer.  The way it was used or played, whatever one does with a synthesizer, added a new sexual mood to the music.  Georgio Moroder became one of my new favorite composers. The link to Seduction is a video review of some of the most handsome men of our time. Thanks Alexandros Hellas! for the wonderful reminders!      

Night Drive

Take a "Night Drive" from American Gigolo with Georgio Moroder -- cool video. Thanks to  TheCarrera997 for uploading it.

Georgio Moroder also wrote the music for the movie Midnight Express Lots of synthesizer in it too. Anthony Castro uploaded this one.  Thanks, Anthony!

I'm not sure what year Ronnie Jr introduced me to Tangerine Dream.  They did the music for the movies, Risky Business, Firestarter, Thief and others.  I listened to Tangerine Dream non stop for a loooong time. Ronnie's friends often said, "I can't believe your mother listens to that narcotic music."

Love on a Real Train

Take a nighttime train ride here, through a city of lights with Tangerine Dream and " Love on a Real Train " from the movie, Risky Business. Thanks to My Nirvana for uploading this. It is a wonderful way to just sit back and relax for 8 minutes.

The soundtrack from Firestarter was one of their best. Here's Charly the kid. Thanks ThoughtTraveler for this upload.

From the movie, Thief, here's the love scene, San Diego Beach. I love the drums and the steele guitar? Is that what that is? I'm not current on instruments.  I just like what I hear. Awesome sounds! Thanks to trichoone for this one!

MTV was new on cable tv.  We watched videos hour after hour some evenings when Ronnie was at work. It was during this time that Simon Lebon danced across the screen with Duran Duran and the Reflex and won my heart!  "Mother! The Reflex is on!" They'd call me from whatever I was doing and I come to watch. emimusic uploaded this. Thank you!

Billie Idol grabbed me with Rebel Yell (Thanks to lovebillieidol for that upload)  

Eyes Without a Face. I never quite knew what Billie's songs were about, but his music, his voice and his hair standing on end were enough. Thanks emimusic for that one, too.

Watching MTV in those days, before the reality shows took over,  all that was on was music videos just about 24/7! I could feel the energy! Those rockers had some good vibrations going on. Granted a lot of it was drug induced, but I didn't know about all that then. And I don't care about it now -- each to his own. 

First 9 minutes of the movie, "Thief"

If you have 9 minutes, watch the opening scene  of Thief, staring James Caan and the music of Tangerine Dream. Thanks to vona9 for the upload! 

Do you want to watch the whole movie now?

Watch it here

Thanks to Yassine IJassin for this upload.

to be continued ...


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  2. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!