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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Music! Music! Music! Part 3

Just a few more words about Tangerine Dream: Their music was good to write with and just sit and listen.  It also sent me into dream land on many occasions.

Going to sleep with any music seemed to imprint it on my mind.  Even if I didn't like it, if I could go to sleep with it, my attitude about any song would change.

During the same time period, John Denver put out "Looking for Space". Check out this cool video, uploaded by Mark Petta. This song, again, spoke volumes about what I was feeling at the time.  It encouraged me to look for the answers to the questions in the song from "Mahoghany", "Do you know where you're going to?  Do you like the things that life is showing you?" Mostly, my answers were "No" and "No."

I needed some space - to find out who I am.

I'd never really known what the hippies were talking about when they said "I need to find out who I am. " How could anyone not know who they are?

Then suddenly, I realized I was living someone else's dream, not my own. Out of ignorance, I had bowed under the weight of traditional ideas of what a woman can do, what she is and isn't.  I was not someone I could respect.  I had been living my life "through someone else's eyes." I was not a happy camper, but I had no idea how to fix it, so I retreated into writing and music as often as possible.  Thanks goodness, my husband worked a rotating shift in a factory (his choice, not mine), so I had ample time to myself.

There were many wonderful love songs that came out during the 80's and 90's.

Even Now by Barry Manilow, uploaded by MyKvAn . Thanks for sharing!

And Looks Like We Made it also by Manilow. Thanks to saabatch87 for this upload!

In these two song Barry Manilow sings about the lasting effects, the bittersweetness of being in love but not able to maintain the long term relationship.

These two songs - way more than any others influenced the way I handled my character, Revis Kirkland's, relationship with his ex-wife, Holly.  Through these two songs, I realized that "gone" is not always forgotten. "Out of sight" doesn't always mean "out of mind".

My mother made the comment once that "A man isn't much of a man if he doesn't feel some tenderness toward the mother of his children." I wanted the world to love Revis, so I incorporated real goodness into his rather flawed character. In all three books, he deals with the old and new feelings related to Holly, and all their experiences together, how it feels to see her again occasionally even though he has fallen in love with his childhood sweetheart again and is moving on with his life.

In my opinion, there is so much going on in life from watching bees buzz from flower to flower to getting the education required to design and build skyscrapers or transplant hearts -- and every single thing in between, it just seems such a ridiculous waste of time and energy that so many hinge all their happiness on one person, then get pissed and bitter because that person can't turn enough somersaults to please them for five years -- let alone 40 - 50 years. One person can not be all things to another for ever and always -- and it isn't wrong that we can't.  It isn't our  responsibility or obligation to make someone else happy.  Their happiness is their responsibility.

I've also come to realize that it is NOT impossible to love more than one person at a time.  Love is central to who we are.  It is the core of our being.  It is the reason for our creation. We should not limit who, or how many or have to explain to anyone -- why we love.

All right, stepping down off that soapbox.

Early in the 1970's Roy Drusky sang "Jody and the Kid". This song had a very strong impact on me.  The feelings of childhood admiration and friendship growing into young love inspired the childhood relationship between Revis and Amanda Kirkland.  Since in the song, it isn't clear who is Jody and who is the kid, and since Jody is often a girl's name too, I considered changing Amanda's name to Jody. But at that time I was still writing long hand. Changing the name of a major character would have been time consuming and messy.  And since I was still in the closet with my writing, I didn't think changing the name would be a good use of those stolen moments I had to write. Thank you  wilburscott for that upload!

Although I connected with many of Barbra Streisand's songs, I didn't with everything she sang, which was one reason I agonized over the demise of the 45 RPM records. My so went to Europe with his friend Peter Nilsson. While in Paris, they went to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's production of Phantom of the Opera and my son fell in love with it. He said even though it was all in French and he had no idea what was being said, it was the most awesome production he'd ever seen. He sent me the soundtrack.

The first time I heard Barbra Streisand sing The Music of the Night, I was watching Pairs Figure Skating. About the time Barbra reached full volume, the man lifted the lady up over his head with one hand and twirled her around as if she weighed nothing, then with a flourish of movement, he tossed her forward, she spun around a couple of times and landed on one foot.  I was thrilled by the whole presentation, I watched it again and again.

In the early 80's, we heard Kim Carnes sing Betty Davis Eyes for the first time.  Thanks to emimusic again for that upload. Bonnie Tyler put out Its a Heartache. Thank you softgellcapsule for uploading this! and I need a Hero Thanks to 1929GY

And there was Madonna! My son is still one of her best fans.  I couldn't remember what the controversies were about her so I asked him.  The first thing he said was "her openness about sex, gays and race." Then he texted me back and said, "Oh, and she rolled around on the floor acting like a slut while in a white wedding gown singing 'Like a Virgin'." I laughed out loud at that.  I remembered then.  When I watched the video of "Like a Virgin, I didn't see much offensive.  We've come a long way past that now! Thanks Queen Madonna HD for this upload!

I very seldom watch tv even now. Since music and writing have always been my go to - there are just so many songs that I enjoyed, so much music that thrilled and inspired me in so many ways, I can't list them all. But it was a wonderful time for pop music. The energy of Elvis's gyrating torso in the 50's and '60's evolved into Michael Jackson's thrusting hips highlighted by his white gloved hand over his crotch, fancy footwork and his famous "Moonwalk" in the '80's and '90's. These two men influenced the onstage performances of all in one way or another.  Seeing a singer stand still at a microphone occasionally moving their arms or tapping their feet had become a thing of the past.

Now it was all about energy -- and lots of it.

My son and I were sharing music on a daily basis during his young teen years, but there was something he was keeping to himself. Something I had been aware of since he was a little boy, but afraid to confront because I didn't know what effect it would have on our family if the answer was "yes".

to be continued...

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  1. I just love the picture that you have posted in your blog post and get I do agree that being grateful for your well-being and appreciating nature is a form of self care .