"…By what stretch of arrogance do you think a life form that looks like you is more important than a life form that doesn’t?”Joel Salatin

Nothing is more beneficial to your wellbeing than to look for and acknowledge those parts of everyday life that you enjoy.

"If you are happy where you are now, why does it matter how painful it was to get there?" -- Abraham

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -- Bilbo Baggins a.k.a. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet, and the winds long to play in your hair." -- Kahill Gibran

“And forget not

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May 25, 2012

I write for ten or fifteen minutes every morning. Most of it is positive affirmations sprinkled liberally with what is going on in my life and how I feel about it. I respect everyone's right to believe whatever they choose, and hope that you will respect mine. If you are opposed to "questioning what is" read no further because I like to take thought where it has not gone before -- or better said, I like to go with thought where I have never gone before. I hope these posts will inspire some of you.

I listen to and try to apply the teachings Esther Hicks and her nonphysical source of information, Abraham. My first exposure to this philosophy came from my mother. I'm not sure how she learned it but she said she was sure that if we worry about something long enough and hard enough, chances were very high that it or something similar will happen to us. I started giving up my addiction to worrying then. A few years ago, I saw a church sign reading, "worrying is using your imagination to create something you're not going to like", which told me that this information isn't all that scarce.

In 1988 when Mama was "on her deathbed" she told me "you owe it to yourself and your Creator to enjoy as much of this life as possible, to find something enjoyable in everything you have to do."

That started me on a new path.

In spite of having to deal with life without my mother, my best friend, I made a conscious decision to honor her wisdom by taking her very sensible advise - to find something enjoyable in everything I have to do. The worst times in my life were over. Better times, happier times began when I decided to stop complaining and look for a more positive way of looking at myself, my family, my friends, events and my world.

In '89 or '90, I picked up a book named Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. It was my first exposure to "channeled" information. In this book, Seth, through Jane, said, "you create your own reality and you do it with thought."

Absolutely freaked me out - because if it was true I could be in some deep trouble. I put the book back on the shelf at the book store, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, so two weeks later, I went back and bought it. If I myself am creating what I am living, I wanted to know more about how it works.

Most people I know have had the experience when they realize without a doubt that they have found THE TRUTH. As I read what Seth had to say, I had a physical sensation of things "clicking into place". I knew I'd found what I had been looking for my whole life, that one piece of enlightenment that brings everything I'd ever questioned into clear focus. I'd found what I believe is the truth about how our world works.

Jane Roberts published many books. I read most of them including the last one, The Way Toward Health, which was weird because while Seth was telling us how to improve our physical condition by changing the way we think, Jane was "dying". She passed on in 1984 -- before I started reading her first book.

Jane started channeling Seth before computers so her husband Rob, hand wrote what Seth said. Later he recorded the sessions on a reel to reel recorder, then typed it out. Seth often made the remark, "let's take a break." Rob recorded what Jane was doing in those pauses in the delivery of the information. In these books, the reader was allowed to get to know Jane and Rob as well as the entity of Seth.

When I found out that Jane had died and the lines of communication with Seth were severed, I felt frustrated. How could that have happened?

As soon as I got my first computer and Internet connection in the early '90's, I searched for a Seth group and found the Seth list. Through the Seth list I heard about Abraham, and decided to check them out.

I've been listening to them for over twenty years. I've learned so much from them. My life has improved in leaps and bounds since I began noticing all that I have to appreciate. Joel Osteen says that if you can't appreciate the goodness that God has already given you, how can you expect Him to give you what you're asking for now?

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